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by Carsten Legaard

Many articles and reports about the Middelgrunden Wind Turbine Cooperation has been published and some of them are awaible here:

Middelgrunden Offshore Wind farm – A popular Initiative

Published by CEEO, 2003

Organisation of wind power in Copenhagen, The Middelgrunden offshore project
By Jens H. Larsen, 1999, updated July 2000

Middelgrunden 40 MW offshore wind farm near Copenhagen, Denmark, installed year 2000
By Per Vølund and Jens Hansen, Department of Wind Energy, Seas Denmark.

Middelgrunden 40 MW offshore wind farm, a prestudy for the Danish offshore 750 mw wind program
International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers – ISOPE 2000 Conference Seattle 2000.

Environmental Impact Assessment of the wind farm at the Middelgrunden Shoal.
Non-technical Summary of the EIA 1st Revision. January 2001.

The world´s largest offshore wind farm, Middelgrunden 40 MW


Experience from construction work (pdf) 

By Hans Christian Soerensen, 2002

Experience from the establishment of Middelgrunden 40 MW offshore wind farm

By Jens H. Larsen among others, COW 2005.

Replacement of Transformers on Middelgrunden

By Jens H. Larsen & R.S. Sagoo, EOW 2009.

Why install a wind farm based on popular ownership?

Does underwater noise from offshore wind farms potentially affect seals and harbour porpoises?

Presentation of the construction project, Middelgrunden Offshore – The project

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