About The Cooperative

We are a private partnership formed in May 1997, by the Working Group for wind turbines at Middelgrunden, with the aim to produce electricity through the establishment and management of wind turbines on Middelgrunden shoal.

The Turbine Cooperative is established as a partnership. As a shareholder you own a share corresponding to 1/40500 of the partnership per share you buy.

A partnership (I/S) has jointly liability and several liability. All jointly owned wind turbines in Denmark are organized as partnerships I / S, but it hasn't given any problems with the joint liability.

In practice, risks of joint responsibility in Middelgrunden Wind Turbine Cooperative I / S is minimized by the fact that the cooperative is not being able to contract debt in the partnership. This is ensured in the bylaws, which provides that thepartnership can’t contract debt and that the turbines must be adequately insured. 
The prospect is prepared by Middelgrunden Wind Turbine Cooperative and in collaboration with consultants behind the project. Jens H. Larsen from Copenhagen Environment and Energy Office is a liable editor of the material.

The accountant of the Wind Turbine Cooperative is the State-certified Accountant Company Partner Revision


Erik Christiansen
Managing director
Ph/fax: +45 3638 3800
ledelsen at

Per Vølund
Ph: +45 8838 3280
pvl at

Hanne Moltke
Ph: +45 3811 1130
hanne at

Hans Chr. Sørensen
Ph: +45 2811 0219
spok.consult at

Christian Bille Jendresen
Ph: +45 30747004
jendresen at

Hans Ove Dyhring
Ph: +45 6077 7639
ho.dyhring at 

Alfred Christensen
Ph: +45 2849 0157
alfredchristensen at

E-mails to management:
ledelsen at

Techinal manager
Lars Bülow Jørgensen
lj at

Management's Statement

We, the management elected at the general assembly, state that the information in the subscription material to our best knowledge are correct and sufficient to evaluate the project, and that no information is left out and thereby misrepresenting the project. 

Internal Auditors:

Jørn Rasmussen

Johan Gaunitz

Middelgrundens Vindmøllelaug
C/o Lene Vind Kommunikation
Kronborg 17A, 1. tv.
3000 Helsingør
Email: lauget at

This website contains information about the construction work, economy, latest news on production etc. Please read this information before you contact our secretariat.


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