Offshore Wind Farm outside the Harbour of Copenhagen
Middelgrundens Vindmøllelaug
Offshore Wind Farm outside the Harbour of Copenhagen

About Middelgrunden Wind Cooperative

The story of Middelgrunden Wind Turbine Cooperative was already a good story from the very start in 1996 when a group of wind turbine enthusiasts got together to create a new wind turbine cooperative, following the success of the establishment of Lynetten Windpower

The Cooperative was established as were the 20 turbines, which Ørsted owns the 10 northern turbines and Middelgrunden Wind Turbine Cooperative from number 11 to number 20 turbine.
Since the cooperative has become world famous and the most photographed turbines in all weathers by visitors from around the world. The story has been told again and again - too many foreigners would like to understand how it is possible that the Danes invest in wind power with their saved money.
Here at the website is evidence from the very beginning to the updated production - hopefully inspire many others at home and abroad.
Unfortunately the Danish version is still the most expanded, so perhaps you may more information there.

Project Info

Location on Middelgrunden Shoal
Wind Turbines